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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Super Hexagon is considered one of ought to have applications for your android device. Just to inform you a few days back this application up to date to new version Super Hexagon 1.0.3. As usual, if you've got installed this application on your own android device, you simply have to to update it to the latest version. Open your Google Play application > My Applications and choose Super Hexagon then update it. If not yet, you can also download it directly from Play Store. Some websites also provide link to download Super Hexagon 1.0.3 apk. Then, here is detail of the app.

Super Hexagon Super Hexagon Super Hexagon Super Hexagon

What's New on Super Hexagon 1.0.3 Android

There are a few changes in the newest version of Super Hexagon. Surely, it is going to be much better than prior version. Here are major features of the app based on Google Play official page.

Super Hexagon is a minimal action game by Terry Cavanagh, with music by Chipzel.


"A masterpiece of design purity." - EDGE, 9/10

"This is the kind of game you’re going to pass off to your friends and say, 'You’ve gotta check this out.' It’s dangerously addictive." - IGN, 9/10

"Knows exactly what type of game it wants to be and executes on it spectacularly. Merciless difficulty meets brilliant design." - Gamezebo, 5/5

Meanwhile, here include the extra features in Super Hexagon 1.0.3

Version 1.0.3
- New improved timing code, which reduces input lag on several devices (including the Nexus 7).
- Removed the legacy options button.
- Improved game setup, game should launch faster.
- General bugfixes.
Version 1.0.2:
- Fixed a different music bug that got introduced in 1.0.1. Sorry D:
Version 1.0.1:
- Fixed the music bug that affected some Samsung devices.
- Fixed a screen resolution bug that caused oversized fonts and misplaced buttons on some devices.

Super Hexagon 1.0.3

Download Super Hexagon 1.0.3 apk Android

Then, are you interested to download and install this app in your android device? Download Super Hexagon 1.0.3 from here immediately from your gadget and then set up it to enjoy all the new features.

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