Color Sheep 1.03 for Android

Sunday, April 14, 2013

If you are new with Android gadget, probably you've not yet known this app, Color Sheep. It is one of the most popular app on Google Play store. Even, it absolutely was downloaded by so many Android users. The most current version is Color Sheep 1.03. You can download Color Sheep 1.03 apk from Android market or download Color Sheep apk from any other websites. Go on reading this blog to discover further details regarding the app.

Color Sheep 1.03

Features of Color Sheep 1.03 for Android

Color Sheep is involved with attractive features. So, almost all of the users enjoy it. Here is feature inside of the application according to official page from Google Play Store:
Hordes of vicious wolves have emerged from the mouth of Wolfcano to steal life and color from the world. Now the Knight of Light, Sir Woolson, must ready his color-changing fleece and magical powers as the last defense against the darkness!

Color Sheep is a fast-paced arcade game in which players change Woolson’s color to match oncoming wolves by mixing different intensities of red, green, and blue light. An intuitive swipe-based interface makes forming combos a breeze. When Woolson is charged, tap him to release an incinerating laser blast! Magical items dropped by enemies summon fantastical nature spells to protect Woolson and smite the evil lupine invaders. With adaptive difficulty, over twenty color combinations to master, and Facebook integrated leaderboards, Color Sheep is easy to learn but hard to put down!

* Mix red, green, and blue to master the power of light!
* Discover Woolson's arsenal of spectacular spells!
* Climb the leaderboards and best your friends and family!
* Works great and looks amazing on your phone and tablet!

Note: Color Sheep requires players to perceive a wide range of colors and is not recommended for those with color blindness.

Thanks for playing! Please email us with any feedback at

Meanwhile, there are also several new features in Color Sheep 1.03, listed below are: Practice mode! There's a new mode available from the main menu which lets you practice whatever color you like in a safe, zero-enemy environment.
The long-awaited quit button!
Improvements and fixes for Facebook integration.
Show more entries in leaderboards.
Show only top scores for each friend in Facebook tab of the leaderboards.
Mute button to toggle sound.
Various bug fixes.

Color Sheep Color Sheep

Download Color Sheep 1.03 apk Android

However, what we post here not enough to explain Color Sheep. So, we recommend you to definitely install this app into your Android device. You could download Color Sheep 1.03 through link.

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